New Zealand Standards

Need a customised sign for your work place?

We offer safety signs that are designed to stop or impede injury or harm that are suitable for hospitals, councils, schools, retail stores, venues and offices. Many businesses underestimate the impact of signs but safety signs are crucial in warning staff against hazardous environments or situations, which can result in severe injury or even death. You can significantly reduce the risk of accidents by making sure your workplace is well stocked with big, bold signage.

However in order for signs to be most effective, they must include two crucial elements – they need to be highly visible to the public and the messaging must be clear to understand.

Therefore, as per Standard NZS/AS 1319:1994 safety signs are not only a must for the workplace but also an essential legal requirement and as such, the Standard sets out the necessary requirements when choosing and customising signs for your workplace. These requirements are as follows:

  1. To regulate and control safety related behaviour.
  2. To warn of potential hazards where necessary.
  3. To provide emergency information, including fire protection.

(However, it is does not include the EXIT signs of the type specified in AS 2293.1 for use inside buildings.)

The Standard specifically defines the types of safety sign in the following ways and as such all colours, graphics and text formats that we provide are in accordance with NZS/AS 1319.

  • Regulatory Signs: Are safety signs that outline specific instructions that if not complied with contravene direct workplace practice rules and regulations as well as workplace laws.
  • Hazard Signs: Outline any potential hazards as well as any potential risks of injury.
  • Emergency Informations Signs: Clearly outline the location of exits and emergency and first aid equipment.
  • Fire Signs: indicate the location of fire fighting equipment and fire alarms.

Please note: Regulations that pertain to the storage of hazardous goods fall under the Hazardous Substances (Identification) Regulations 2001 and in relation to Building signs, please refer to Clause F8 of the New Zealand Building Code.

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